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Fiji - Denaru Island - June 2011

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Fiji official name is Republic of Fiji, with a population of 818,000, in the South Pacific consist of 32 island about 100 are inhabited, while the others remain nature preserves.  
The main island Vitu Levu contains the capital Suva in the east and Nadi on the west coast. Nadi is the location of the international airport. 
The Mamanuca Group of islands are located very close to Nadi and contain a number of popular island resorts.

Transfers to the closer islands are by boat or air transfers for the further away islands.
See the Fiji Island Map

Fiji is renowned for its stunning beaches, beautiful warm climate, sheer natural beauty and its unique relaxed island atmosphere.
However, what stands out the most is the friendliness of the Fijian people. 
Bula, is a word you will hear many times a day in Fiji and is always said with a smile, meaning "hello" 

The first inhabitants of Fiji were Polynesians, the Fiji islands were discovered in 1643 by Abel Tasman, 
a Dutch explorer.
In 1774, Captain Cook anchored here, but it was Captain William Bligh of (Mutiny on the Bounty) fame that finally made them famous. 

In 1874 Fiji became a British Colony. It gained its independence in 1970, after nearly a century of British control. 

The majority of Fiji is mountainous (volcanic in origin) with several peaks exceeding 3000 ft. The other of the smaller islands are a mixture of coral and limestone. 

Tourism is Fiji's main source of income, followed by the sugar and garment industries. It's also rich in gold, coconut oil, seafood and lumber. 

Denaru Island


Denarau Island Fiji in the South Pacific is one of the most sought after holiday destinations, with beautiful beaches and all year sun and warm temperatures. 

It is a popular destination among Australians and New Zealanders. Flying to Denarau Island Fiji is easy and uncomplicated. With direct flights available from Australia and accommodation to suit al budgets.
See the Denaru resort map..

Each of the resorts offer close proximity to the Denarau Island Marina, Nadi Town and Nadi International Airport, as well as access to a number activities such as Golf, water sports, tours, leisure activities and organized programs.

Weather all year around is tropical and warm with the water temperature averaging mid 26C

There are only 2 seasons


November - April
May - October

Average Temperature 29 - 31 C

Average Temperature 27 C

Where to Stay
There are many Resorts, Hotels see the Denaru Resort map,

Transport on Denaru Island is easy using the famous Bula Bus on Denaru Island.

Sofitel Resort & Spa Denaru Island



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What to do
The activities are many on Denru Island, Fiji, from just relaxing to Golf, snorkeling, jet skiing and cruises


Transport on Denaru Island
The Bula buses, operate a regular service on Denaru Island to all the resorts, golf club and Marina.

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