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Pelican Waters QLD Saftey and Security
Policing Matters

Senior Constable Peter Dickens is our local Community Police Liaison Officer who is available at all the meetings of Neighbourhood Watch to give an update on local policing matters.
He is available to answer your questions and to give advice, so if you have any questions please come along to the Neighbourhood Watch Meetings.

Dates and information about Pelican Waters Neighbourhood Watch can be found here.

Neighbourhood Watch

Senior Constable Peter Dickens has also kindly provided us with some information so we can be aware and vigilant 
of the laws regarding our safety, property and Neighbourhood.

Car Lights and Warning Devices
Driving Nairobi
Accidents and Insurance
Minor Traffic Accidents
School Zones
Police Powers and Responsibilites
Break and enters in PelicanWaters
Neighbourhood Watch

Senior Constable Peter Dickens
Receiving an Award for Neighbourhood Watch


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