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Policing Matters - Senior Constable Peter Dickens

School Zones

Police are again reminding drivers of the necessity of abiding by the 40km/ph speed when approaching school zones.
Although many drivers may feel that this speed is unnecessarily low in relation to the signed speed limit, it is also important to remember that the sole basis for imposing this speed limit is to protect the lives of children.

Police have been out ensuring that motorists abide by these speed limits using speed detection devices and by ensuring that the Police vehicle is highly visible to motorists whilst travelling through these zones. 

This is to give drivers a visual reminder of the importance of monitoring their speed.

A number of motorists have been issued with Infringement Notices for exceeding the speed limit and providing Police with, “Oh!  I wasn’t aware it was a 40 km/ph zone!”

Although the message to motorists is to drive carefully especially through these zones our aim is to also educate parents in practising road safety when walking their children to and from school.

Adults are the role models whom children look to for guidance and if adults take risks when crossing roads, children will feel it is safe for them to follow suit.  

A small child has tunnel vision, with no concept of spatial awareness when it comes to possible dangers. 

Parents who call their children to cross the road without an adult escort are placing their child’s lives at risk. 

It is the sole responsibility of adults to ensure the safety of children in their care when approaching and crossing roads. 

They need to do this by promoting and demonstrating safe practices when crossing and walking near roads.

Parents also need to observe safe parking practices such as: Parking in roundabouts, double parking and parking in No Standing zones, bus zones and disabled zones reserved for those only with a current permit.

To ensure the safety of the children please be considerate, courteous and patient during these times and especially during inclement weather. 

At these times allow more time when leaving home to collect your child in order to avoid the traffic congestion around the school zones.

It is easy to become distracted and not be aware of the speed we are driving, but it is vitally important to be vigilant in watching our speed and no more so that when children’s lives are at stake.

vehicles traveling up to 13 kph over penalty of AUD 133 and one demerit point
Greater than 13 kph but less than 20 kph penalty of AUD 200 and 3 demerit points;
Greater than 20 kph but less than 30 kph penalty of AUD 333 and 4 demerit points;
Greater than 30 kph but less than 40 kph  penalty of AUD 466 and 6 demerit points and
Travelling more than 40kph Penality of AUD 933 and 8 demerit points

These penalties may incur a cost and demerit points but cannot compare to that of a human life.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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