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Policing Matters - Senior Constable Peter Dickens

Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (PPRA) LEGISLATION

Over the years we have seen a number of changes relating to Policing and Law enforcement.  These changes have resulted due to increased criminal technology such as computer crimes and identity fraud etc.

Crime Prevention strategies have proved a useful and positive means in combating crime such us  involving the community in practicing strategies which prevent them from becoming victims of crime.

Police initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch whereby Police and the community interact in identifying concerns and problem solving, continue to have favorable results.

In 2000 the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (PPRA) was introduced in Queensland which provided 
Police with the Legislative tools required in modern day Policing.

Proactive Policing along with PPRA legislation have achieved positive results in community awareness and confidence in the means by which Police perform their duties.

Whilst performing Beat Duty Police may come across a number of scenarios such as male persons acting suspiciously or creating a disturbance in threatening manner to others.

Police have the power to demand name and address, search that person for drugs/ weapons, direct that person 
to leave the area or if the need requires to arrest and convey that person to a Police station.

Police have powers to stop and search vehicles without a warrant whereby they believe evidence may be found relating to criminal activity such weapons, drugs, stolen property etc.

 A person may be detained and questioned in relation to other offences having been committed.

Police conducting RBT throughout the Sunshine Coast use this legislation as an effect means in their approach to reducing the road toll relating to drinking and driving.  

Further changes to legislation have seen the introduction of motorists being subjected to drug testing which has identified a growing trend for this criminal behaviour.

These are just a few examples further readings can be sourced on the internet under Police Powers Responsibilities Act 2000 providing the reader with this information.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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