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Policing Matters - Senior Constable Peter Dickens


The majority of motorists believe they are competent and considerate drivers who practice courtesy towards fellow road users whilst obeying the road rules.

When it comes to parking however, a large majority of motorists flaunt the law by ignoring parking signs and no standing zones.

Restrictive parking signs are erected for the safety not only for the motorists but also with pedestrians in mind.

Double parking in school zones is a major concern for Police, as parents drop off and collect their child.  

This practice creates a dangerous environment for the unwary child and is frowned upon by motorists who do the right thing and park and walk their child into the school grounds.  

A $40 penalty applies for this offence as does parking across driveways and in a bus zone for an easy park with little regards for the buses.

Throughout Caloundra there are disabled parking bays designed to assist motorists with convenient access to shops and other locations. 

These specially marked parking bays are reserved for vehicles displaying a red or blue disability label.  

Parking in a Disabled Zone (not displaying permit)  $40 penalty.

Parking contrary to a No Standing sign incurs a penalty of $40.  

In an attempt to reduce the number of street signs and to assist motorists a continuous yellow line has been painted adjacent to the curb to advise a No Standing zone.  

Parking contrary to a yellow line incurs a $40 penalty.

Parking a vehicle on a road not parallel to the curb or on the opposite side of the road against the flow of traffic attracts a $40 fine. 

Motorists who park their vehicles on the incorrect side of the road commit an  offence and incur an $80 penalty plus 2 points.  

If you are caught driving and failing to keep left of centre line a penalty of $180 applies with 3 points.  

You may wish to think twice before driving on the incorrect side of a busy road.

You may also wish to brush up on you parking skills when parking in a parking bay.  

An incorrect park will set you back $40 as will parking in more than one parking bay.

Parking a defective vehicle on a road incurs the same penalty of $100 and 1 point applies as if the vehicle is being driven on a road.

There are restrictions for the parking of heavy or long vehicles ie trucks which are parked in a built up area (residential) greater than 1 hour.  Penalty $100

Further information in regards to parking can be found under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management- Road Rules) Regulations 1999. 

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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