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Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch program has been going on for just over 20 years with Golden Beach being one of the first to be implemented in the state.
The program consists of approx 500 houses which are divided up into a zones and blocks. The NHW area is not run by the Police it’s the residence who run the program only assisted by the Police.  Meetings are held once a month sometime bimonthly and then there are some that have a meeting every 3 months.
There are 7 active NHW areas in Caloundra, 4 of these being in Golden Beach, one in Pelican Waters, Battery Hill and Currimundi.

NHW is not about intrusive neighbours but more about getting to know them and feeling safe that you can call on someone in a time of need or in an emergency.
NHW is keeping an eye out for each other ie, you have planned to be away for the weekend and you inform your neighbour across the road.  During the day a truck pulls up in your driveway and your neighbour watches on whilst goods are removed.  Your neighbour contacts you to inform you of what is taking place and you immediately contact Police.

Police provide information to residence as to criminal activity in the area and information is exchanged.  Information received by Police in relation to suspicious activity is passed on through Intelligence reports and acted on accordingly.

By liaising with members of the Community, Police are able to act on problems within the area such as a group of youths gathering each Friday afternoon in the park causing damage to trees and property.  Police then take a proactive approach and interact with the youths upon their arrival at the park prior to any criminal activity taking place.

There are a number of reasons why residents within the NHW area are unable to attend the meetings ie, family commitments or afraid to venture out at night.  Each NHW area produces a newsletter which is delivered to all the houses/units in the area which is not only informative but entertaining.  The newsletter is considered to be the life blood within the NHW and the newsletter is often exchanged with other NHW areas.

Neighbourhood Watch- “Be Vigilant not a Vigilante”

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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