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Minor Traffic Accidents

I have reported on the duties of drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. 
If the accident was a major incident where there was extensive damage to vehicles or injuries to persons then Police would be required to attend.

One reader requested further information relating to minor traffic accident where Police were not required to attend and what information should be exchanged between drivers. 

For most drivers being involved in a traffic accident is a traumatic experience and my advice is to stay calm. 
Any accident is an inconvenience to our busy lifestyle and there is no need for drivers to become aggressive towards fellow motorists.

Remain calm and always have a pen and paper handy to record the other vehicles make, colour and registration number.  

Some drivers have been known to immediately leave the scene for fear of being caught for drink driving, unlicensed driving or perhaps not wishing to have any contact with Police for other reasons.

When exchanging details ask for the other drivers license, that way you are able to record correctly his/her full and correct name, address, date of birth and license number.  

A further particular you may wish to record is their contact phone number and Insurance Company.  

Insurance companies are keen to have the other (not at fault) vehicle repaired as soon as possible and will need to contact the owner.

If possible record this information in your own hand writing rather than rely on having to read some other persons hand writing which may be illegible. 

Try to establish who is at fault for the accident, communicating calmly with the other driver.  If unsure as to who is at fault then contact Police for advice.

When reporting a traffic accident to your insurance company you will be required to complete a traffic incident report with the time, date and place where the accident occurred. 

The more information you can obtain as to the other drivers details and that of the other vehicle/s involved, the better.

If you are involved in a minor accident then have all vehicles involved moved off to the side of the road to avoid congestion and further accidents. 

Ensure you exercise caution when alighting from your vehicle and avoiding standing on the road or in the path of oncoming vehicles. 

Other motorists take great delight in looking at other motorists misfortune and become a risk of being involved in an accident themselves.  

Please drive carefully as distracted drivers are a major cause of road accidents.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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