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Have you ever been startled by the sudden sound of screeching tyres of a motor vehicle being driven in a dangerous manner.  You think to yourself that an accident is about to occur and you wait for the loud bang of crunching metal. 

All too often this scenario is played out on our streets caused by fool hardy motorists with little concern for public safety.  Statistics reveal the most likely offenders are young male drivers aged between 17 -25 years.  In comparison, this is the same age group of drivers and passengers most likely to be involved in serous or fatal road accidents.

As a result of changes to legislation, Police now have the power to impound motor vehicles found to be driven in this manner which we term “hooning.”

Hooning is where a vehicle tyres are spun is such a manner as cause smoke to appear, as a result of burning rubber on the road.  In conjunction with these burnouts the loud screeching of tyres is clearly audible.

Around our streets the evidence of these burnouts can be seen, sometimes in the form of unsightly black circles or long skid marks on the road.

If  Police find you committing this offence the following action is likely to take place.
Firstly, you will be issued with a notice to appear in Court to answer for you actions and receive a costly fine which will include a loss of points from your license.

A second offence will have Police impound your vehicle for 48 hrs and you will be liable for the towing fee.  You will again be required to appear in Court, fined and further loss of points.

If you continue with you manner of driving the Courts may impound your vehicle for a 3 month period and if you still continue with this unacceptable manner of driving then your vehicle could result in being forfeited.

Further offences linked to having your motor vehicle impounded are: driving an uninsured vehicle, driving whilst unlicensed or disqualified.

 Driving whilst being under the influence whilst having a reading greater than 0.15%.  Street racing and driving illegally modified vehicles can all result in Police confiscating your vehicle.

Further information can be found on the internet in the readings under

Queensland’s Anti-Hoon Legislation and Policing Methods are used to Prevent Hooning Behaviour.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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