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Policing Matters - Senior Constable Peter Dickens


How often do we hear “what a beautiful place Caloundra” is, not only by the visitors who venture here to enjoy
what Caloundra has to offer but also by the local community who work hard to keep it looking pristine for all to enjoy.

But this hard work is being undermined by a small group of mindless miscreants.  

They come out in the cover of darkness and roam the streets and back alleys armed with spray cans, 
marking pens and anything they can use to “tag”.

This wilful and unlawful damage is known as graffiti and it is a crime in which offenders may be punished with imprisonment.

Under the Criminal Code any person found committing or has committed a graffiti offence will be charged.  

Any person found in possession of a writing instrument believed to used in the commission of a graffiti offence will also be charged.

The Caloundra Police are seeking your help in the reporting and identifying any person/s believed responsible for this vandalism. 

The Police have established a data base of local known offenders who have been charged and found guilty of these offences.  

Some offenders have now realised the error of their ways and have not reoffended.

However, there are a few who take great delight in causing what damage and destruction they can in bringing an unsightly ghetto appearance to Caloundra.

Our council performs a frustrating task in cleaning off this unsightly mass as soon as it is reported.  

Shop owners are also doing their part in paying for the removal of these tags at their own expense.

Some shop owners have said to me, “Why bother, they only come back and do it again!” This is referred to as the “broken window syndrome”.  

If we don’t take the effort to repair the damage then vandals will keep on destroying the property.

Lets all do our part in keeping Caloundra a place to be proud of.  

Please assist Police in apprehending those responsible by phoning the Caloundra Police on 54394444.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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