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There is no doubt the humble bicycle is not only an affordable means of transportation for all ages but it also promotes for a health lifestyle. 

There are a large number of cycling clubs on the Coast that take advantage of our fabulous climate all year round.

A cyclist must however abide by the road rules not only for their own safety but for the consideration of all motorist and pedestrians.

A number of our roads have designated bicycle lanes exclusive to cyclists.  A penalty of $40 applies to motor vehicles found driving in a bicycle lane.

Cyclists are permitted to ride their bicycles both on the road and on the footpath but caution must be exercised when riding on the footpath and signs such as “Cyclists must Dismount” or “No Bicycles” must be obeyed.

Cyclists and pedestrians sharing the footpath have equal rights and should have consideration to each as serious injuries could result should a collision occur.

For safety reasons young children should not ride their bicycles on the road and should dismount and walk their bike when crossing at a pedestrian crossing.                                                                                                                                                          
All cyclists must wear a properly fitted approved bicycle helmet at all times.  
Failure to do so will result in a $100 infringement notice.

Other common offences committed by cyclists:
Fail to stop at Stop Sign  AUD 100
Fail to stop at red light AUD 100
Fail to give way to pedestrian on pedestrian crossing  AUD 100
Using a mobile phone whilst riding AUD 300
Consume alcohol whilst riding AUD 100
Bicycle rider hold on to motor vehicle AUD 40
A bicycle must be properly maintained and in good working order having brakes and a bell or horn AUD 40
A bicycle being ridden at night is required to have lights  AUD 40
Bicycles ridden more than 2 abreast AUD 40

A cyclist can be charged with riding a bicycle whilst being under the influence of liquor.

Whilst there are guidelines for Police as to who can be issued with a ticket we rely strongly on adult cyclist 
as role models for their children.

With our growing population there is an increasing need for cyclists and motorists to show consideration and courtesy towards each other. 

Abiding by the road rules will not only ensure you arrive at your destination safely but will make traveling on our roads more enjoyable.

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Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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