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Car Lights and Warning Devices

We talk about the things that most annoy us and when it comes to driving there is an exhaustive list. 

Driving too slow in the overtaking lane, tailgaters, people talking on mobile phones, motorists not knowing how to use roundabouts properly, changing lanes without indicating and impatient drivers just to name a few.

When it comes to night driving one of the main complaints we receive is the motorist who neglects to dip their headlights resulting in being blinded by high beam and those annoying driving lights.

Most of us have experienced this frustrating situation with dazzling bright lights beamed directly at us and we feel helpless to respond except to look away.

Whether the other driver lacks due care and consideration or perhaps unaware they have them on this has been the cause of many accidents, some fatal.

A motorist who has their high beam on traveling less than 200 metres to oncoming vehicles or behind another vehicle incurs a penalty of $40 and 1 demerit point.  

A vehicle light used to dazzle another road user $40 fine. 

Driving a vehicle at night or in reduced visibility ie fog, snowfall, heavy rain or dust clouds without lights incurs a $40 penalty and 1 demerit point.

To drive a vehicle with fog lights operating and not in reduced visibility incurs a $40 fine. 

There are a number of motorists who seem to be unaware of this regulation or simply do not know how to deactivate these lights.  

Fog lights on modern vehicles are fitted below the headlights and are activated when parking and headlights are turned on.

Fog lights were generally considered to be the large yellow light on the front of European vehicles but are now clear bright white lights designed to illuminate the road.

Further information relating to the  operation of these lights can be found on the Transport Operations (Road Use Management –Road Rules) Regulations 2009 Part 13 Lights and Warning Devices.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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