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Pelican Waters QLD - Safety and Security

Policing Matters - Senior Constable Peter Dickens

Break and enters in PelicanWaters

There has been a recent incidence of criminal activity in the Pelican Waters area whereby a number of houses and have been broken into and thieves have been targeting cash and jewellery and other valuables. These break and enters occurred during the light of day whilst owners left to perform they daily routine. Police would like to encourage all residence to perform their own security audit by ensuring that your dwelling remains secure prior to leaving your home.

Ensure your door and windows are locked.  Offenders have been known to use wheelie bins to gain entry into upstairs open windows or doors. If you have deadlocks fitted then remove the keys from the locks inside.  They are designed to keep burgulars from entering or leaving your house.  If they have gained entry through a broken window they will have to exit again through that broken window making their efforts all that much harder.
Fit good quality security screens to windows and doors.  In these times it is more than just keeping those pesky flies and mosquitoes out.

Close your blinds or curtains and don’t advertise your valuables on display inside your house. 
If you are going to be away for any period of time inform a close neighbour so that they may keep watch over you house for any suspicious activity or anyone seen lurking around the home.  If possible provide a contact number so they can immediately contact you if the situation arises.

Don’t leave jewellery or cash sitting on bedside tables or in draws.  A small combination safe can be purchased from your local hardware or locksmith and should be properly installed.  The safe purchased can have a combination touch code whereby a key is not required and these are simple operate.

If you are in possession of large amounts of cash or jewellery then it is strongly advised that you contact your local bank and arrange to have it stored in a safety deposit box.  You are not obliged to inform anyone of its contents and it remains safe and secure.

To assist Police always report suspicious activity in your area.  If something seems a little odd or strange whereby a car pulls up in your street and the occupants jump out and scatter.  You then see them return a short time later and the car drives off, then try to obtain the vehicles registration number first then the make and colour of the vehicle. 

Report this immediately to Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 as this information could be part of the puzzle to a much bigger picture.

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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