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Accidents and Insurance

Obtaining your drivers licence is one of life’s memorable moments you never forget.  During the driving test, you’ve done everything correctly by indicating, using your mirrors, watching your speed and driven your vehicle to your very best while under the ever watchful eye of the driving Inspector.

It seems like an eternity while your heart pounds waiting for those congratulatory words.  Now, with your new drivers licence in hand you are ready to take you vehicle to the streets unsupervised.

It is essential that your vehicle is registered, insured and in good roadworthy condition.  There are some motorists who feel they are above the law and believe they can save money by not insuring their vehicle.  This is a big mistake!

The penalty for failing to insure a four cylinder motor vehicle is $240 and for a six and eight cylinder vehicle is $320.

Traffic accidents occur more frequently and unexpectedly than we would hope for.  If you have never been involved in a traffic accident then I congratulate you on your driving abilities and good fortune.

There are many reasons why accidents occur, failure to comply with road rules and advisory  signs such as speed limits, stop signs, give way signs and traffic lights just to name a few.  Inattentive drivers using mobile phones, drink drivers and making u turns at traffic lights where no sign permitting to do so all create a dangerous situation for the unwary motorist “doing the right thing”.

There are many insurance companies offering their services to insure your vehicle whether it be full comprehensive insurance, which is more expensive but gives peace of mind if you are involved in an accident.  Third party insurance is a cheaper option which covers damage to property but you are limited as to what you are covered for.  It is advisable to check with your insurance company to see which policy best suits you and your budget.

Police will attend all major traffic accidents providing safety and traffic control to other essential services, victims of accidents and the removal of damaged vehicles and property involved.  Police attending the scene will take particulars of all vehicles involved, witnesses and any contributing circumstances.  Your insurance company will be asking you for a traffic incident report to assist with your claim and to have your vehicle repaired asap.

If you are involved in a minor traffic accident whereby there are no injuries to persons and the damage to vehicles is minor then both drivers are able to resolve the dilemma without Police involvement.  Drivers are required by law to stop and exchange details and give assistance where necessary.  Fail to do so may result in a $200 fine.
If you are found to be driving whilst under the influence of liquor or a drug then your insurance company will not cover your claim.  Driving without a current drivers licence will also void your claim.
The road rules are there for all to abide by and for our driving safety so please, “Do the right thing.”

Senior Constable Peter Dickens

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