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Trinity Place

Trinity Beach - Cairns Beach 

Trinity Beach is located north of Cairns, just 15 minutes from the airport and is referred to as The Northern Beaches of Cairns, which stretches for approximately 26 kms along a Sunny Coastline commencing at the northern fringe of the city. 

The Northern Beaches incorporates Machan's Beach, Holloways Beach, Yorkey's Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra, Clifton, Palm Cove and Ellis Beaches.

Each is a small, separate township with it's own distinctive characters and charm and yet today, Trinity Beach is Cairns favourite beach. 

If you ask any of the locals or tourists that have visited they say that Trinity Beach is the place to be!

It seems more so than any other beach destination in the Far North, Locals and Tourists abound and mingle in a relaxed Tropical setting, which gives Trinity Beach the popularity and ambience rarely found elsewhere. 

Trinity Beach is safely nestled between two headlands, providing an ideal bay in which to relax, and it is within easy reach of all amenities, not far from the heart of Cairns and yet worlds apart! 

Trinity Beach

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