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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
The Corso

In late 1946 Portion 27, which was owned by the Estate of Herbert Hemmingway and managed by the public Curator, came on the market. Portion 27 was originally owned by William Landsborough as his “Loch Lamerough” estate, and constitutes the present Pelican Waters development. 

World War 11 had ended and Roy Henzell obtained the agency for this large block. People were starting to settle in caloundra after discharge from the Armed forces.

Roy henzell tried to interest a number of people in purchasing this block and subdividing it but they either did not have the sufficient capital or could not see its potential. 

He realized it would be a good investment and the family – Roy, his wife Maisie, their children Joan (Ford) and Bevan – all put capital into buying it.

It has remained a family development ever since.

Henzells Agency

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