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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Schnappering close

Thomas Welsby (1858-1941) was keenly aware of history being made and of the importance of recording it, which he did in his book “Schnappering” published in 1905. An extract from his book describes Caloundra as follows:

“……we must give all places a chance, and in good time Caloundra will be amongst the described places. One of the prettiest – if not the prettiest – of watering places Brisbane possesses, for it is not very far away that citizens of the metropolis are debarred from visiting it.

The majority of caloundra is in the hands of two men. These two men of different characters who having obtained beautiful land in many acres merely sat down and enjoyed the knowledge of their possession. According to Thomas welsby caloundra could be made one of the prettiest places for a seaside resort. The man who buys, must not sit down on his haunches and wait. He must be up and doing, must be energetic, help on building, help on progress and where acres of land now almost valueless exist, corner allotments would be sought after and worth ownership”.

One of the land owners refeered to by Welsby was Robert Bulcock whose property covered all the hinterland of both Bulcock and Kings Beaches. 

He would not release land for the establishment of a hotel, which is why the first Caloundra hotel, the “Francis” (now a private residence) was built on Shelly Beach.



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