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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Resolution Street

Following the first voyage of James Cook aboard the Endeavour (1768-1771) in which he explored the east coast of Australia, Cook was in 1772 promoted to Commander and given command of the 110 foot collier Resolution. Together with the Adventure, the Resolution was charged with the mission of searching for a seventh continent in the vast unexplored southern oceans. The Resolution sailed into the Antarctic Circle as far as the pack ice allowed, however Cook was unable to confirm the existence of any land mass. Later in this "second voyage" (1772-1775) Cook discovered many of the Tuamouto Islands, Society Islands, Tonga, and Fiji Islands.

Again sailing aboard Resolution in 1776, Cook was charged with the ultimately unsuccessful task of finding a so-called "Northwest passage" around the North American continent. His passage through the Arctic Ocean was, however, blocked by ice. The Resolution sailed south to the Sandwich Islands, the islands Cook had named after his friend John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich, and today known as the Hawaiian Islands. After staying a month for rest, repairs and replenishment, Cook and the Resolution departed to continue the Northwest Passage mission, only to be damaged in a storm and forced to return to Hawaii. It was there, on 14 February 1779 in Kealakekua Bay, that a dispute broke out with local inhabitants and Cook was killed.

The Resolution returned to England in August 1780. 


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