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Reliance Place

Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) navigator, hydrographer and scientist was born at Donnington, Lincolnshire. He joined the Navy in 1789 and in 1791 served under William Bligh as midshipman on a voyage to Tahiti.,

In 1795 he first came to Australia in H.M.S. Reliance in which ship George Bass was the surgeon. With Bass he made several hazardous voyages in open boats, exploring the south coast of New South Wales. In 1798, again in company with Bass he circumnavigated Tasmania, proving it to be an island. In the same sloop, the “Norfolk” the next year he followed the coastline northwards visiting Moreton Bay, including the Pumicestone passage.

He was given the command of the “H.M.S. Investigator” in 1801 and for the next two years sailed around the continent of Australia, charting its coastline.

Returning to England as a passenger in H.M.S porpoise in 1803, he was wrecked on an island east of the Great Barrier Reef but managed to navigate a cutter more than 700 miles (1120kms) back to Port Jackson. He set off once again for England in a leaky schooner of 29 tons (26 tonnes), the “Cumberland” and in putting in to the French island of Mauritius found war had broken out again between Britain and france, was arrested and held prisoner there for six years.

Arriving back in England in 1810 in bad health he began his monumental task of writing the account of his voyages, which was published on 18 July 1814, the day before he died.

H.M.S. Reliance

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