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Raptor Place

Osprey – Pandion Halliaetus

Only two species of bird of prey (Raptor) have World Wide distributions. They are Peregrine Falcon Falcon Peregrinus and Osprey Pandion Haliaetus. 
Ospreys are found worldwide, with the exception of South America and pacific Islands. In Australia, they can be found mainly in coastal areas or in the vicinity of large areas of permanent water over most of the continent. However, Ospreys are absent or rarely encountered in Tasmania and Victoria.

Ospreys are ususlly seen singly, in pairs or family groups. They favour marine habitats such as mangroves, estuaries, bays, inlets and islands. Ospreys can also be seen in the vicinity of extensive permanent freshwater such as dams, lakes, streams and swamps. Their diet consists maily of fish which are caught near the surface or plunging below the surface water. In addition to fish, Ospreys will also take small vertebrates, seabirds and crustaceans on occasion. Like all raptors, Ospreys catch their prey with specialized grasping feet and talons.

The nesting season is determined by weather conditions and foodavailability. In tropical and subtropical areas, Osprey may nest twice a year if conditions are suitable but a single nesting in the June – December period is the norm in cooler regions. Their nests are substantial structures built of sticks and driftwood lined with fibrous material, such as bark and seaweed. 
Pairs mate for life and return to the same nest site each season.
Some nest sites have been in use by generations of Ospreys and large accumulations up to 2-3 metres high) have resulted from successive additions of nesting material. 


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