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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Otter Court

Lieutenant Otter, with the help of the previously absconded convict, John Graham, rescued the survivors of the “Stirling Castle”.

The brig “Stirling Castle” left Sydney for Sinagpore in May 1836 and was wrecked on some of the barrier reefs near the entrance to the Torres Straits six days after she sailed.

The whole crew got off, eleven in the long boat and seven in the pinnace. 
The pinnace sailed away and was not seen again.

In the long boat were Captain Fraser, his wife Eliza, two mates and seven hands, who sailed southward for about two weeks until they were forced to beach it twenty miles south of sandy Cape to find water.

Two of the crew drowned and captain fraser was killed in a skirmish.

The newly widowed Mrs Fraser and remaining crew proceeded along the beaches from tribe to tribe finally arriving at Brieby’s Island (now Bribie Island) where they were rescued by Lieutenant Otter on 11 August 1836.

Fraser Island was named after Eliza Fraser.

Fraser Island

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