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Mahogany Drive

The Mahogany Ship

The Mahogany Ship refers to a putative, early shipwreck that is purported to lie beneath the sand in the Armstrong Bay area, approximately 3 to 6 kilometres west of Warrnambool in southwest Victoria, Australia. 

In many modern accounts it is described as a Portuguese caravel.

While there is no conclusive evidence such a wreck exists today or that it ever existed, accounts of the relic persist both in popular folklore and in publications of varying academic rigour. 

Early reports relating to the ship touch upon two cardinal characteristics: it was described as being constructed of panels and its timbers were said to be of a dark wood, described as either mahogany or cedar. In terms of these criteria, the vessel did not resemble ships built in northern Europe in the 18th or 19th centuries.

For over a century and a half the mystery of this ship has captured the imagination of Australians. 

This fascination is largely due to the fact that the existence of such a vessel could throw a different light on the earliest phases of exploration of the eastern seaboard of Australia by Europeans.

mahogany ship
Mahogany Ship


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