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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Finnegan Place

John Finnegan, Thomas Pamphlet, and Richard Parsons were ticket-of-leave convicts who were travelling south from Sydney to Illawarra district to buy cedar, when they were caught in a storm and eventually wrecked on the shore of Moreton Island in 1823.

They spent five months travelling by canoe up the Brisbane River (Un-Named at the Time), then to Bribe Island where the Aborigines supplied them with fish and showed them how to dig for, treat, and cook fern roots.

After a time, anxious to get back to Sydney, they set off north again, but Pamphlet and Finnegan returned and Parsons kept going. 

Two months later in November of that year of 1823, Pamphlet and Finnegan were resued by John Oxley in the Mermaid.

Parsons had to Wait another year for his rescue, until Oxley returned.

Model of the ship Mermaid

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