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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Endeavour Crescent

Upon its purchase by the Royal Navy in March 1768, the 368-ton bark "Earl of Pembroke" was renamed H.M.B Endeavour. 

Lt. James Cook was awarded command of the ship and of the expedition to Tahiti to observe 1769's transit of Venus across the sun. 

It was on this voyage (1769-1771) that Cook mapped, landed on and claimed, in the name of King George III, the entire eastern part of the continent. 

This he named New South Wales.

On 17 May 1770, Cook sailed northwards along what is now known as the Sunshine Coast, noting the following in his journal:

"... this place may always be found by three hills which lay ... in the Latitude of 26o 53'S ... (and) are very remarkable on account of their singular form of elevation which very much resemble glass houses which occasioned me 
giving them that name ..."

In 1790, Captain William Hayden of Massachusetts bought the Endeavour and registered her under French colours as 
La Liberte. 

In 1793 she ran aground in Newport.

She was subsequently sold off and broken up.

H.M.B Endeavour

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