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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Elimbah Street

“Place of Grey snakes”

John Matthews M.A., B.D. an academic anthropologist, lived in Kabi territory as a teenage youth for more then six consecutive years. 

He visted the tribe periodically afterwards and spoke their language as a “second mother tongue” he knew many Aboriginal tribes and made a lifelong study of their love and their laws. He set the boundaries of the Kabi tribe from the Burrum river in the Burnett River in the west, including Fraser Island but not pragmatically including Bribie Island.

He called the smaller groups of families within the tribal area “communities” and quotes a number of instances where other workers in his field gave tribal names within the Kabi territory as such. 

He stated that there seemed to be more communities among the Kabi people then in any other tribes, which may account for later tribal names and boundaries.

And from the Kabi community came the word Elimbah meaning “Place of Grey Snakes”. “Yilam” means grey snake 
and “ba” means place. 

This is believed to have been the Aboriginal name for the hill now known officially as “The Saddleback”.

Elimba is the official name of a town, railway station and a creek.

Elimbah Station 1914

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