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Edlundh Court

Mr Edlundh was Caloundra's first lighthouse keeper. 

This lighthouse was built in 1898 on Canberra Terrace. 

Back then it stood by itself in a lighthouse reserve of 35 acres. 

The Edlundh children, of which there were 9, figured prominently in Caloundra's early school roles. 

A provisional school was established in 1910 (in a house called Plumstead on the corner of Canberra Terrace, Maltman Street and Regent Street), before the Caloundra Primary School was built on the corner of Queen Street and Regent Street in 1915.

The first pupil was William Walter Burnett Edlundh, followed soon after by siblings Charlie, Dora, Irene and Erick. One of the first teachers was a Miss M Costello - later Mrs. Miriam Westaway.

(By Anne Wensley, Caloundra).

caloundra lighthouse
Caloundra Lighthouse

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