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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Durundur Street

David, John and Alexander Archer were three of the nine Archer brothers who spent some time in Australia. 

They were sons of William Archer of Perth, Scotland, who moved to Norway in 1825.

David (1816-1900) came to Australia in 1834.
John (1814-1857) was a later arrival, having first gone to sea.
David and John with another brother Thomas, took up Durundur station on the Stanley River.

Alexander (1828-1890) did not come to Australia until 1852, spending all his life here with the Bank of New South Wales. Both he and his wife lost their lifes in the wreck of the Quetta in February 1890.

The Archer brothers played very prominent roles in Queensland development; pioneering the pastoral industry; in politics’ Archibald was M.L.A. and held portfolios of Treasury and education, 

Thomas was Agent-General for Queensland in London and Colin obtained a much wider distinction as ship-designer and builder, having built the “Fram” the ship in which Nansen explored the North Polar Sea in 1893.

archer brothers

When European settlers the Archer brothers and their neighbour Ewan Mackenzie moved to the Moreton Bay area in the early 1840s they blazed a track that quickly became the established route
north from Brisbane.

Once a coastal route developed, Old Gympie Road replaced the Old North Road as the main road north.

However, the Old North Road remained popular with locals until the bridge was built over the Caboolture River, as travellers preferred to cross the river upstream at Zillmans Crossing.

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