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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Delisser Place

Alfred Delisser was born in Middlesex England in 1832, the son of a Doctor. 

Delisser came to Australia about 1857 and worked in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria before proceeding to Queensland in 1876. 

He carried out Crown Land and Freehold Surveys, mainly in the ccounty’s of Canning, Stanley and Cavendish. 

He surveyed in the county of Canning in 1881, in particular portion 27, Parish of Bribie, now known as Pelican Waters.

A tree that Alfred made a blaze mark on in 1881 still stands at Pelican Waters.

Surveying ran in the family as Alfred’s brother, E.A. Delisser, was also a surveyor registered in Queensland. 

E.A. delisser was in charge of the survey party that surveyed through the Nullarbor Plain in 1866. Alfred was a member of that survey party.

Alfred Delisser was married and had five children.

He died in Brisbane in 1904.


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Tree that Alfred made a blaze mark on in 1881

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