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Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names
Archer Court

The court was named after Archer Brothers of "Durundur" Station on the Stanley River. David, John and Alexander Archer were three of the nine brothers who lived in Australia.
David (1816-1900) came to Australia in 1834.  John (1814-1857) was a later arrival having first gone to sea. 
David and John with another brother Thomas, took up "Durundur" on the Stanley River.
The Archer brothers played very prominent roles in Queensland development; pioneering the pastoral industry; in politics (Archibald was MLA and held portfolios of treasury and Education, Thomas was Agent-General for Queensland in London); and one; Colin obtained a much wider distinction as Ship Designer and builder, having built the Fram, the ship in which Hansen explored the North Polar Sea in 1893 - 1896.


Durundur Station

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