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Welcome to Pelican Waters QLD - Street Names

Pelican Waters is seeped in history, with some street names having significant historical meanings. 
Have a look and see what the street names mean.

Street Map of Pelican Waters
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Abbey Court Agincourt Street
Airlie Crescent Amity Court
Annabelle Street Archer Court
Artunga Place  

Ballinger Place Bancroft Street
Bellanboe Circut Bledisloe Boulevard
Bond Street Bongaree Drive
Botany Drive Booker Parade

Caldwell street Campbellville Circuit
Carmel Street Carnell Street (Awaiting info)
Carr Place Catherine Street
Columba Place Coronation Avenue
Cowiebank Place Cutler Court

Deep Water Circut Delisser Place
Durundur Street  

Echo Street Edlundh Court
Edwardson Drive Elimbah Street
Emma Court Endeavour Crescent
Eipper Esplanade

Finnegan Place Firefly Street
Flitcroft Place Fortier Street
Francis Court French Court

Gillingham Place Godwin Place
Grace Court Gradorean Street
Grasstree Court  

Hartley Crescent Harbourlights Way
Hazeldyne Court Hereward Street


Investigator Place  

Jewel Street  

Kalowendha Avenue Koopa Place
Kuthar Street  

Lake Vista Lane Lamerough Parade
Lander Street Landsdowne Street
Lang Street La Rita Court
Leach Court Leonie Court (Awaiting info)
Lockyer Place Ludwig Court

Mahogany Drive Maloney Place
Marmot Street Maryann Street
Matthew Crescent Mesion Court
Michael Street Midden Place
Millenium Circut  

Nelson Street New Holland Drive
Ningi Street Norfolk Court
North Point  

Olympic Lane Otter Court
Oxford Parade  

Pamphlet Place Parsons Close
Parks Link Court 
(Awaiting info)
Pelican Waters Boulavard
Pembroke Avenue  

Quayline Close  

Rainbow Lane Ramsay crescent
Raptor Place Reliance Place
Resolution Street Rutherford Place

St Pauls Avenue Sandy Lane
Scartree Street Schnappering Close
Sea Glint Place Silky Oak Place
Sir Joseph Banks Drive Solander Street
Sovereign Circut Stephen Burton Way
Stingray Harbour Court Stirling Castle Court
Sydney Avenue Sylvie Street (Awaiting info)

The Corso The promenade
Tibrogargan Place Toorbul Street
Tooringer Close Theresa Street
Trinity Place Tripcony Court
Truscott Court Tweddell Drive
Tytherleigh Lane  

Undambi Place  

Vardon Point  

Wallaby Circut Wallum Close
Wavell Avenue Wategoes
Waterhen Court Westholme Circut
Westminister Avenue Whitby Place
Whitehaven Way Wilshire Place




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