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Check List 4

When moving it is useful to ensure that all the stages in moving run smoothly and cause the least amount of stress.
The check List is and example of what to do at different stages of moving, please add any that I may have missed or are relevant only to you.

Moving Check List
Tick and add a date when completed
  Tick Date Completed
Six Weeks before Moving    
Confirm Date of Move    
If renting notify landlord of moving date    
Confirm insurance policies start from moving day    
Obtain quotes from different removal firms    
Get references and check removal firms insurance cover    
If friends are helping inform them of moving date    
Book extra storage space if required    
Notify utility companies of moving date    
Start sorting possessions and discard any not required    
Dispose of items not required ie garage sales    
If new furniture is required order now for delivery at moving    
Two Weeks before Moving    
Start packing non essential items eg books and non seasonal clothing    
De register from Doctor, Dentist if moving out of the area    
Arrange change of address with post office    
Notify Newsagents date of service to be stopped    
Arrange for pets to be looked after when moving    
Make a list of everyone needed to be notified of new address    
Post New address Cards    
Finalise arrangements with removal firm.    
Confirm arrivals times and they know the directions to your new home.    
Arrange for a time to collect keys from agent for your new home.    
Notify Bank of change of Standing Orders and Direct Debits to account    
Any other....    

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