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Protected and No Take Fish

Fish and other aquatic species, as well as wetland habitats, are a finite resource and require protection or regulation if future generations are to enjoy them.

Some species are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and require more strict regulation or protection.

Research determines the extent of protection required.

For some species, only one gender is protected (e.g. female blue swimmer crabs); for others only egg-bearing (berried) females are protected, while other species are totally protected.

Some species are identified as no-take species for similar reasons as above or because they may pose a risk to people eating them.

Protected species

The following species are protected throughout Queensland and are therefore prohibited from being in anyone´s possession without a permit:

  • Helmet, trumpet and clam shells: regulated by species

    All of these large and vulnerable shells are totally protected. 

    Clams in the family Tridacnidae are protected due to their vulnerability, especially to collection as a food for the South-East Asian market. 

    Some species of giant clams are now cultured for this market, and smaller species are cultured for the aquarium trade.
  • female mud crabs 

  • female blue swimmer crabs 

  • egg-bearing spanner crabs

  • egg-bearing Moreton Bay bugs  

  • other egg-bearing sea bugs, slipper lobsters 
    and crayfish 

  • tar-spot tropical rock lobsters 

  • narrow sawfish 

  • dwarf sawfish 

  • freshwater sawfish
  • green sawfish 

  • great white sharks 

  • grey nurse sharks 

  • speartooth sharks
No-take species

The taking and possessing of the following is prohibited.

If accidentally caught, these species must be immediately and carefully returned to the water:

Fresh waters
  • Queensland lungfish 

  • Mary River cod 

  • Bloomfield River cod 

  • River blackfish 

  • Spiny crayfish  
Tidal waters 
  • Barramundi cod 

  • Chinaman fish 

  • Humphead Maori wrasse 

  • Paddletail 

  • Potato cod 

  • Queensland groper 

  • Red bass
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