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Bag and Size Limits

A bag (take and possession) limit is the number of fish that one person can legally take and keep at any one time.

These limits aim to:
  • conserve heavily exploited species

  • conserve species that are susceptible to capture

  • share the catch more equitably among anglers

  • reduce illegal marketing of fish

  • promote ethical and responsible behavior when using a limited natural resource.
In Queensland, there are limits on the size (length) of many fish species that can be legally taken. There are minimum size limits and also some maximum size limits. Size limits are typically, though not always, based on biological research into each
species’ reproductive cycles.

Minimum size limits generally allow fish to spawn at least once and contribute to the population before they are taken.

However, in some species larger individuals contribute more to the population, which is why some maximum size limits apply.

For example, most barramundi begin their lives as males and later, as they grow larger, become females.

A maximum size limit is applied to protect large females and to allow them to spawn.


A number of fish names have changed to reflect the Australian standard fish names QPIF recommends that anglers carry a good fish identification guide and a sturdy ruler with end stop when fishing.


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