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Pelican Waters QLD - Boating and Fishing

The information contained on these pages is only as a rough guide.

Always contact Department of Fisheries for accurate information on their web sitet, where up to date information is shown.
Code of Practice
With approximately 800,000 Queenslanders fishing each year, it is important that we look after our fisheries so that future generations can enjoy the same quality fishing that we do.

For this reason, a National Code of Practice for Recreational and Sport Fishing has been developed.

The Code concentrates on four areas that include:
  • looking after our fisheries
  • protecting the environment
  • treating fish humanely
  • respecting the rights of others.
You can do your part for our valuable fisheries resources by familiarising yourself with the Code of Practice and thinking about your potential impacts more carefully.

It's hard to conceive that one person can make a difference, but if 800,000 people make an effort, our fisheries will be in safe hands.

Find out more about the Code from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Fish Terminology

Fishing Gear for Fresh Water Fishing Gear for Tidal Water

Bait How to release Fish for Survival

Measuring Bag Size and Limits

Crabs and Lobsters Protected and No Take Fish

Non Indigenous Fish Noxious Fish

Fish Commonly Caught Fish Stocking


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