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Registering a Boat

All boats fitted with a motor or auxiliary of 3KW (over 4hp) and over require registration when on the water in Queensland.

Registration forms are available from, and must be lodged with, Queensland Transport Customer Service Centres.

Fees are calculated according to the boat length. (Exemptions and concessions do apply in some cases).

The registration label must be attached to the exterior of the boat in a conspicuous place above the waterline on the port (left) side.

Your boat will be allocated registration symbols.

These must be clearly visible in plain characters in a contrasting colour to the hull of the boat. The size of the characters depends on the type of boat and must be able to be read from a distance of 30 metres.

  • Vessels capable of planning must have characters a minimum of 200mm high on both sides.
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) registration symbols must be displayed on both sides at least 100mm high, easily seen while the craft is underway.

Vessels not capable of planning, (e.g. canoes with motors, yachts) must have characters a minimum of 75mm high on both sides or on the stern.

When a registered boat is sold it is the responsibility of the new owner to lodge an application for transfer of the registration within 14 days. 
Registration may be cancelled if the boat is no longer used in Queensland, is withdrawn from service or no longer meets registration requirements.

Interstate visitors must comply with Queensland rules and may be required to register the boat while in Queensland.

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