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Australian Builders plate

To enhance the safety of new recreational boats, the Australian Builders Plate is required for new and imported recreational boats built from 1 July 2006.

It provides essential safety information on the uses and limitations of most new and imported recreational boats. It will assist people in the purchase and responsible use of a boat and enhance safety by providing information on the maximum number of people and load of a boat, as well as buoyancy performance and engine weight
and rating.

An Australian Builders Plate confirming compliance with the level of flotation (basic or level) requirements will be permanently fixed and readily visible to the boat’s operator.

The Australian Builders Plate is not a statement of positive flotation. This must be obtained from a manufacturer or accredited surveyor.

Owners who are up sizing motors on recreational boats and/or altering the performance by design may not be meeting their safety obligation if the engine power is greater than what the manufacturers recommendation on the compliance plate.



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