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Drink Right — Drink Light

If the skipper is found operating with a blood alcohol limit of .05 or over, penalties will apply, including licence cancellation and a fine.

The skipper is also responsible for the safety of passengers and should be responsible for their alcohol consumption.

Remember that the effects of alcohol are exasperated while on the water due to the sun, wind, and constant motion. Reflexes and response times to emergencies are slowed and swimming ability deteriorates considerably. When on the water, your coordination, judgment, vision, balance and reaction time can decline up to three times faster when using alcohol. Waves, motion, vibration, engine noise, weather, wind and spray – can multiply the effects of alcohol.

People aboard need to take care, because studies have shown that boat passengers are just as likely as operators to be involved in incidents such as capsizing the vessel or falling overboard as a result of drinking alcohol.

In Australia and New Zealand, alcohol has been a factor in one third of all boating fatalities.

Don’t multiply the risks – go easy on the drink

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